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I also receive as a Sextherapist for men, women, nonbinary persons and couples in all their forms.


As a Sextherapist I work on sexual problems related to psychological or emotional disorders. Listening, I advise you and lead you to understand and put a name and an image on the sexual dysfunctions you encounter. I approach sexuality freely with all people in difficulty or in pain, either personally or as a couple.


The activity of the sex therapist focuses on a purely mental and psychic approach, to explore the complexes and treat the disorder of his clients (history of the person, relational accidents and traumas, source of sexual malaise, etc.).


Important information 

Sexologist or Sextherapist: it's not the same job!

A sexologist is a doctor who specializes in sexology. Continuation the course of studying classical medicine allows him to detect and treat sexual problems of medical origin. The sexologist can prescribe medications or even perform medical interventions.


Sextherapy works on the basis of a verbal exchange, qualified to treat psychological disorders. I can help in particular in the context of:


erectile dysfunction

libido disorders

penetration pain

ejaculation disorders

problems with sexual compulsions (an addiction to sex)

difficulty reaching orgasm

questions about sexual abuse

sexual orientation difficulties

relationship problems

Reading about sexuality


Emily Nagoski  Come as you are

Desire, excitement, pleasure, pain during intercourse, orgasm, fetishisms, fantasies...

We all have questions about our sexuality. Internationally recognized sextherapist, Emily Nagoski invites us on a real journey to the heart of our sexuality and helps us understand why there can be no standards for female pleasure. The latest scientific research has indeed revealed that there are much greater physiological, neurological and psychological differences from one woman to another than from one man to another. From the anatomy of our genitals to the mechanisms of response to arousal, from the influence of our emotions to the secrets of ecstatic orgasm, Emily Nogoski deciphers the fascinating processes at work in female pleasure and helps us to know us better to enjoy better!

Jüne Pla Sextips for creative lovers

resumed from her Instagram account 'Jouissance Club' she blows a breath of fresh air and hope by offering a sex education manual promoting pleasure accessible to all, woman, man, straight, gay or trans!
She suggests putting penetration aside to focus on the 1001 ways to give yourself pleasure in a different way, in an uninhibited, jubilant and benevolent way.
With the help of numerous sober and elegant diagrams, she proposes a cartography of the multiple zones which provide pleasure in both sexes and an inventory of orgasmic movements.




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