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Psychotherapy practice

Individual Gestalt therapy, for couples & Sex therapy
Practices in the 18th and 9th arrondissement of Paris - Onlinetherapy possible

Your therapist

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Welcome on my site ! 

I came from Germany 20 years ago. Love brought me to Paris and I live here with joy and pleasure.

To my already existing experiences and training in psychotherapy in Germany, I added in France a training in Gestalt Therapy at the Parisian School of Gestalt EPG and in Sex Therapy at ESOG, School of Sex Therapy with Gestalt Orientation,  from which I was certified.


My experiences in body and soul:

— Humanistic psychotherapy according to Carl Rogers, person-centered approach

— Group therapy, based on depth psychology

— Vegetotherapy according to Wilhelm Reich

— Intensive enlightenments: self-awareness through contemplation

— Gestalt therapy in Paris individual and group

— Gestalt-Sextherapy

The Individual therapy session lasts 45 minutes and bears fruit more easily when we see each other once a week. 

However, an adaptation to your needs and possibilities is always possible.

A Couple counceling session takes 1 hour 30 minutes, in a rythm of every 2,3 weeks, between 5 and mostly not longer than 10 times.

Of course as in individual sessions, an adaptation to your needs and possibilities is always possible.









I also receive as a Sextherapist for men, women nonbinary persons and couples in all their forms.


As a Sextherapist I work on sexual problems related to psychological or emotional disorders. Listening, I advise you and lead you to understand and put a name and an image on the sexual dysfunctions you encounter.

I approach sexuality freely with all people in difficulty or in pain, either personally or as a couple.

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Votre thérapeute
Ma vision

My vision, my approch

I accompany people who wish to discover themselves, find themselves or develop themselves. Gestalttherapy, through its non-judgmental approach, allows my clients, through my listening, to dare to ask themselves to better know themselves and understand their needs, desires and wishes in life.

It is not, in my opinion, a question of “searching for oneself”. We are still us!

Depending on the situation that presents itself to us, on the environment, different aspects of ourselves emerge.

The range of possibilities is infinite and virtuous... but, depending on our experiences, our wounds, we don't know or can no longer play all our strings.






Beeing in the world 




When the instrument is out of tune, psychotherapy helps to restore flexibility, fluidity in our actions, and therefore in our "here and now" and allows the development of our creativity.


Gestalt therapy allows, in the secure setting of a practice, with the support of an authentic relationship with your therapist, to get in motion, to try the new and to experience what will be anchored to broaden your palette of possibilities and your field of action.


— Therapy individuelly

— Coupletherapy

— Groupetherapy


— Gestalttherapy

— Sexotherapy 

— DSP Developmental Somatic           Psychotherapy en cours

I accompany you in

— French

— Englisch 

— German

How to see us?

— In my practice

— At home if you can't move

— With vidéo per ZOOM , Skype  facetime etc

Formations & Certifications​

— Gestalt-thérapeute

École Parisienne de Gestalt, Organisme de formation reconnu comme Établissement d'enseignement supérieur par le Rectorat de Paris et agréé par la Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et de Psychanalyse (FF2P), ainsi que par l'European Association for Gestalt Therapy.

— Sexothérapeute en Gestalt

ESOG : Ecole de Séxothérapie en Gestalt

— DSP Developmental Somatic           Psychotherapy en cours

         created by Ruella Frank, Ph.D., is         a clinical phenomenological and

         movement-oriented approach               to psychotherapy within a

         contemporary gestalt therapy               framework.

​Me contacter directement

Merci de votre message. Je vous réponds dès que possible.

Ma déontologie


Le code de déontologie auquel je me réfère et au travers duquel je m’engage est celui de d'EAGT (Association Européenne de Gestalt Thérapie) signé en Europe par le Centre Européen des Psychologies.


Cette déontologie fait référence à l’ensemble des principes et règles qui gèrent, guident notre activité professionnelle. Ces normes sont celles qui déterminent les devoirs minima exigibles envers les professionnels, dans l’accomplissement de leur activité.


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Infos pratiques

Infos pratiques

Mes publications

Mes publications
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